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Call for

Special Session

Author’s Paper Submission Guidelines

ICCT’21 invites proposals for call for special sessions to be held on 5 - 6 October, 2021 at Manipal University Jaipur. The objective of the special session is to have quality specific theme based submission as per the topic of the special session. Although, the coverage area will be having a rich variety but few focused areas will be:

  1. Machine Intelligence in Image Processing
  2. Deep Learning
  3. 5G and Wireless Technology
  4. High Performance Computing
  5. Security in IOT
  6. Advanced Data Science and Computing

The areas are not limited to this and a proposal focusing an area with challenging problems will also be considered.

Criteria for Selection

  1. All the proposals will be carefully reviewed by the conference TPC committee and will be critically analyzed before final selection.
  2. The person(s) conducting the special session will be entitled as Session/Track chair(s) for their respective sessions. However, there can be no more than two persons hosting the session.
  3. Upon selection of the proposal, track chair(s) must furnish the details of the reviewing committee members (4-5), that will be reviewing the manuscripts.
  4. For creation of a special session, there must be at least 5 papers registered in the session.

Role of Track chair(s)

  1. Track chairs have the responsibility of conducting the manuscript and getting reviews on them (at least two).
  2. Track chairs must ensure the quality of submissions as the TPC committee may intervene and alter the decisions of track chairs in case of a poor quality paper.
  3. Track chairs have to ensure the registration of the selected manuscripts at least 20 days before the conference date.
  4. All the submissions have to be made in Easy Chair Portal and the track chairs must keep a track of the paper ids of the submissions.

Benefits of Track Chair

  1. Track chairs as token of honor will be given the certificate and memento.
  2. Track chairs will be given a free complementary registration as an author/attendee at the conference.
  3. Track chairs will be given local hospitality and accommodation at the conference venue.

Template for special session request form:


As per the above declarations, please mail your proposal at [email protected] along with your resume. Also specify if you have conducted any conference or special session in any conference in the past.