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ICCT'23 will serve as a platform for knowledge sharing about the recent trends and advancements in the field of networking and high end data handling and how these domains are playing role in research and market development of the industries. It will provide great opportunity for our students and faculties to interact and share ideas with the top-notch in the field face to face. This knowledge sharing may inspire and thrill many young minds and help us bring collaborations and global partners to work together. This will enable us to solve challenging problems in our society so that we may contribute to our world. The whole idea of the forum is to exchange thoughts and ideas, transform those in real time to solve the problems. Conference will also create awareness in students about the importance of scientific research in related fields and synchronizing with product market.

Track 1


Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Software Defined Networks
Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing
Networks related issues (design, architectures algorithms and applications)
QoS in Networks
Fog Computing
Edge Computing, and other related technologies

Track 2

Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Reinforcement Learning
Expert System & Decision Support Systems
Deep Learning Technologies
Nature- Inspired Computing
Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing
Virtual and Augmented Reality

Track 3


Secured Computing

Energy-efficient AI enabled B5G/6G network management
Block Chain Management
Internet of things
Security and Privacy in Cloud
Privacy in web-based applications and services
Big Data Forensics
Novel Protocols and Algorithm Development for 5G/6G

Track 4


Analytical Data Computing

Algorithms for efficient data analysis
Cloud Data Management
Big Data Analysis
Pattern Recognition
Human Computer Interaction
Data Mining and Knowledge Management
Web and Social /media Mining



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Our Previous Speakers

Prof. Ajay Gupta

Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI

Dr. Al-Sakib Khan Pathan

Southeast University, Bangladesh

Dr. Pljonkin Anton Pavlovich

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation«Southern Federal University»

Phayung Meesad

Associate Professor, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, North Bangkok

V. Raghava Mutharaju

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIIT Delhi

Adj. Prof. Madhusanka Liyanage

Center for Wireless Communication, University of Oulu, Finland

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