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Special Session 1

Special Session Title: Cybersecurity and Threat

Special Session Abstract:

A cyber-attack exploits cyberspace through fraud, intrusion, spam, cyber harassment, intrusion attempts, denial-of-service, malicious code, logic or data etc. This disrupts network services, compromise of data. Use of cyberspace by its stakeholders is increasing day by day. This increases the complexity of overall system and challenges to digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cryptography and Network Security etc. In order to reduce cybersecurity risks and generate proper respond, cybersecurity information sharing is becoming necessity. A Cyber-attack can affect single or multiple systems all-together. For example, identity theft, phishing, social engineering, hacktivism, cyber-terrorism, digital certificate compromise, DoS, botnets etc. are examples of single person or sector based attacks. Whereas, attacks by use of Darknet and Deepweb by terrorists for illegal activities is an example of attack on multiple people or human civilization.

In India, cyberspace is interconnecting billion people through digital medium and next generation infrastructure like: smart cities. As domain of hyper-connected nation of people, devices and machines is increasing day by day, demand of security and integrity is also increasing. There are a series of attacks observed during recent years like: unauthorized access to part of database in Reliance Jio, hackers successfully stolen Union Bank’s access codes for the society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication, unauthorized login by an unnamed hacker in Axis Bank, hacking of 17 million user records from Zomato database, data theft from IRCTC website, ATM and POS machines of Yes Bank were attacked using Malware, central server hacking of Bank of Maharashtra, ransomware attack in Reckitt Benckiser India etc. These incidents confirms that there is need of advancement in technologies, techniques, processes, procedures, laws etc. India is showing maximum growth in field of Information Technology. However, there are many areas where there is wide scope of research work. Cyber Defence is one such field. Advancement of technology and knowledge resources encourage many people to learn about cybersecurity. Government of India has many ambitious plans to increase cyber connectivity. This rapidity shows that there is need to figure out scope and meaning of security in cyberspace. Goal of this session is to provide a platform for researchers, academicians, industry fellows, research scholars and students to actively participate and discuss these issues and challenges.

Special Session chair(s):
Dr. Adarsh Kumar, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India,

Email id: [email protected]
Contact no.: +91-7652862045,

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Papers must be submitted electronically (in PDF format or doc ) via online submission system through Easy Chair and reported to the following link: https://forms.gle/3xHrfCUebPLZ7Y5g6